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Leasecorp Australia – Business finance tailored to your needs

Leasecorp provides equipment finance, car finance, truck finance and more to businesses and individuals throughout Australia.

We specialise in earthmoving equipment finance, mining equipment finance and heavy vehicle finance, but can also assist you with any finance need, including car finance and truck finance.

Frequently Asked Questions

A chattel mortgage is a type of finance used by sole proprietors, partnerships and companies to purchase vehicles or equipment. It is essentially a mortgage over goods to be financed – providing you with immediate ownership of the equipment.

A novated lease is a three way arrangement between you (the employee), Leasecorp and your employer, whereby a vehicle is leased from the financier under a finance lease in your name, and novated (assigned) to your employer, by way of a novation agreement.

Used equipment finance can be obtained for a variety of vehicles and equipment. Leasecorp Australia are specialists financiers in the area of used equipment and can advise the best financial structure to suit you.

In most cases, the maximum term for finance is 60 months.

We can help you finance trucks, trailers, buses, earthmoving equipment, plant or machinery, mining equipment and more.

Used Equipment Finance

Leasecorp Australia are specialist when it comes to used equipment finance. We can advise on the best finance option.

Heavy Vehicle Finance

Leasecorp Australia provides finance to businesses and individuals seeking to purchase heavy vehicles including trucks, cranes and forklifts.

Car Finance

We help you select the best finance option, including novated lease, car lease or chattel mortgage.

Equipment Finance

We provide equipment finance to some of the largest companies in Australia, and some of the smallest.

Over 35 years of experience provides you with fast turnaround times, superior service and an understanding of the best finance option for your situation.

Our client base is diverse – we assist a range of businesses, trades and professions – from single owner-operator to some of Australia’s largest corporations.

Strong relationships with a variety of lenders, means we can provide you with highly competitive rates across a range of finance options, including leasing, chattel mortgage, novated leasing and more.


Here’s what our clients say:

Leasecorp Australia specialise in all types of asset finance, both new and used

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